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Maison Éphémère

Event photo credit:  Martin Knowles Photo/Media.
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SwitzerCultCreative Welcomes
an Exhibition of Quebec Design to the Armoury District

You’re Invited to La Maison Éphémère,
a pop-up furniture and décor exhibition

The Quebec Trade Office in Vancouver is pleased to announce an interior design event in collaboration with Luminaire Authentik, a custom lighting studio, and host SwitzerCultCreative, Vancouver’s go-to showroom for modern sustainable designs. Six Quebec companies, including showrunner Luminaire Authentik, will represent furniture and decor designs from the province in celebration of their visit to the Pacific Northwest. The event, titled La Maison Éphémère, is a 2-day exhibition by brands Luminaire Authentik, Johnstone Architectural Concrete, STÛV America, WetStyle, Wynil, and APPAREIL Atelier.

The brainchild of Maude Rondeau, Founder and President of Luminaire Authentik, La Maison Éphémère serves to connect West Coast architects and interior designers with Quebec-made furniture and decor. It’s only fitting then, that this curated pop-up event takes place at SwitzerCultCreative – a family-owned boutique flagship showroom known for their unique collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories.  SwitzerCultCreative is passionate about developing markets for designers from the Pacific Northwest, as well as increasing the brand reach of national and international product designers eager to reach out to the west coast.


“We are eager to reach people in the Vancouver market who perhaps haven’t discovered us yet. The timing of this opportunity is perfect, and we look forward to entertaining guests at La Maison Éphémère.” – Maude Rondeau, Founder, Luminaire Authentik


“We are very excited to host this showcase of Quebec brands. We at SwitzerCultCreative have always prided ourselves for seeking out and supporting Canadian talent and brands to represent, so this collaboration is a great fit for us.” – Adam Bellas, Partner, SwitzerCultCreative


The showroom will create dedicated space for each of the exhibitors, who have collaboratively selected displays in neutral tones to help foster the ambiance of a home. Each “room” within the display of la maison will be hosted by representatives of one of the six companies.

More than 300 local architects and interior designers will be invited to schedule visits by appointment, and/or join the exhibitors for a classic Quebec favourite, cinq à sept, a wine and cheese networking event beginning at 5pm on the final day of the exhibition. La Maison Éphémère takes place September 22-23 in the Armoury District, the heart of Vancouver’s architecture and design community.


La Maison Éphémère welcomes you to a Media VIP wine and cheese reception, Friday, September 23 just ahead of the crowd beginning 4:30pm – 7 pm.
Location: 1636 West 2nd Avenue, Unit #102, Vancouver
Mandatory RSVP to:

Images from La Maison Éphémère at SwitzerCultCreative will be added to this press kit on September 23, 2022.

ABOUT La Maison Éphémère

This is the second such show of its kind. Earlier this year, the Quebec Trade Office partnered with Luminaire Authentik for a similarly branded showcase event in their Toronto showroom, entitled La Maison Sensible.  Both events serve as conduits for Quebec furniture designers and the design communities they serve.

About SwitzerCultCreative
At SwitzerCultCreative, we are always striving to foster an atmosphere which highlights exclusive pieces within an inclusive space.  In essence, an environment that surrounds you with quality without feeling stuffy.  Our ultimate goal at SwitzerCultCreative is to provide people with the potential to create personal spaces that harmonize peace, tranquility and true sustainability.

We promote unknown talent by providing a launching point for new designers to build their own brands. We want to provide a platform for creative people to share their work. A space and a support network that will enable them to propel their talents forward while simultaneously establishing a solid platform from which they can build.

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About Luminaire Authentik
Luminaire Authentik, custom lighting for residential and commercial projects. Inspired by organic and minimalist aesthetics, their lamps are drawn, designed and 100% locally made in their Cowansville workshop, in Canada.

Colorful, playful & versatile design to create personalized ambiances.


Our goal is to put an emphasis on fun. At Luminaire Authentik, nothing is done without having fun. And yes we do have an indoor full size swing.  Because we offer so many colors and possibilities, the process of creating is assured to be enjoyable.



Everything is locally handmade here in Canada and we will keep it that way. In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we select local suppliers for the vast majority of our products.



Either it is to be totally transparent with our clients or being sensitive to design and art, our team is mindful on so many levels.



We always do collaborative work with professionals, local brands and artists to ensure that we present different ideas. Sharing is very important for us.



We offer a creative experience for both residential and professional clients in our stores and throughout our web platforms. It is easy to meet with one of our lighting solutions advisers by booking an appointment virtually, or in one of our showrooms.


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About Johnstone Architectural Concrete 
Johnstone Architectural Concrete is an architectural concrete company founded with the goal of providing stylish, functional and durable products. Johnstone takes pride in the art of controlling the chaos of concrete. The rigorous hands-on process is made by talented artisans and craftsmen. Concrete is a material with character. Its authenticity stands out through the fabrication process. Every piece is unique and perfectly imperfect.

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Stûv America sets itself apart from other suppliers by offering customers innovative wood-burning appliances that combine both aesthetics and performance. Certified to meet the standards of the North American market, all Stûv appliances are high quality and durable. They offer an incomparable fireplace experience both in terms of heat and beauty of flames.


Founded in 2007, Stûv America has succeeded at adapting the Belgian engineered devices both from a conceptual point of view (adaptation to local standards, development of added accessories, and more) and in the translation of the European design approach for the North American market. Some of the devices are manufactured at the expanded Bromont plant. Stûv America offers 35 models of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces designed to last a lifetime.


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