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About PiTCH

Welcome to PiTCH, where our approach to public relations is inspired by the values of teamwork, competition, and making a meaningful impact, much like the lessons learned on the soccer pitch. We are your strategic partner, dedicated to helping you reach your brand goals.


Our Approach: Your Brand, Our Team
At PiTCH, we're not just a public relations firm; we're an extension of your brand team. We collaborate with you to understand your brand's goals and aspirations. A publicist's role is more than just promotion; it's about safeguarding your brand image, nurturing a healthy reputation, and building a loyal following. Our goal is simple: to win support from your audience and positively influence their behavior.


Beyond PR: Strengthening Your Brand Story
For us, public relations isn't just about getting editorial coverage; it's about understanding the impact that coverage can have on your brand narrative. We're here to help you define your marketing plan and sales goals, laying a solid foundation for your corporate health. Strong PR translates to smoother internal workflows, strategic brand positioning, dynamic marketing activities, clear brand communications, increased sales, and a more appealing proposition for shareholders.

Jenn at PiTCH PR

"Through my journey within the design community, I've gained invaluable insights and knowledge. Now, I feel it's my turn to give back, to nurture and grow the very business of design that has taught me so much."

Founder's Vision: From Pitch to Boardroom

When PiTCH Founder, Jenn Taggart, speaks of teamwork, it's from her experience as a fierce competitor. From the soccer pitch to the boardroom table, she brings enthusiasm and passion. With more than a decade of experience promoting the profession of interior design, Jenn is now dedicated to assisting businesses within the built environment in promoting and expanding their enterprises.

At PiTCH, we don't just work for you; we work with you, as a dedicated member of your team.

Ready to get in the game? Join us on the pitch! Contact us.

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