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About PiTCH

Everything I learned about life and business was from the soccer pitch. There was a love of the challenge, the competitive spark, the desire to make an impact, the drive to score, and completing the play…but most of all it was about the love of the team. Eleven players would come together, hear the plan, then execute it as one. There was no ego. It was about attaining success. PiTCH brings this same team dynamic and winning attitude into your boardroom to help you grow your brand.


PiTCH is part of your brand team. We work with you to meet your brand goals. A publicists' job is to promote and protect your brand image, creating a healthy brand reputation and following. The goal of public relations is to win support from your brand audience and influence their behaviour in a positive manner.


At PiTCH, public relations is more than editorial coverage. We help you understand what that coverage can do for you to strengthen your brand story. We can help define your marketing plan and sales goals to build a solid foundation for your corporate health. Solid PR means an easier internal workflow, smarter brand positioning, robust marketing activity, better brand communications, increased sales and a more attractive offering for shareholders.

Jenn at PiTCH PR

"I have learned so much about design from the design community itself. It is now time to repay that education, and help develop and contribute to the business of design.”

When PiTCH Founder, Jenn Taggart, speaks of teamwork, it is from her experience as a fierce competitor. From soccer pitch to boardroom table, she is known for her enthusiasm and passion. With more than a decade of experience promoting the profession of interior design  Jenn is now focused on helping those within the built environment promote and grow their businesses.

Ready to get in the game? Join us on the pitch! Contact us.

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