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Award-winning luminaire design studio, Archilume, hits a high note with the launch of Alto-Flat.

Award-winning luminaire design studio, Archilume, hits a high note with the launch of Alto-Flat.

Archilume's Alto_Flat

Photo credit: Archilume


Alto-Flat, the newest addition to the Archilume family is defined by a strong conical shape.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Friday, May 13, 2022 — Vancouver, BC.    The Alto, Archilume’s classic gem, finishes at its base with a jewel-like transparent element reminiscent of a craftsman’s cut diamond. The new Alto-Flat introduces a flattened lens that dramatically changes the outline of the original luminaire, its’ unadulterated, simplified suspended conical form speaks to a more minimalist architectural design language.

“The Alto-Flat shifts the luminaire's silhouette to resonate with those seeking more minimalist forms and a more subtle outline than its sister luminaire.”  – Saleem Khattak

“The Alto-Flat shifts the luminaire's silhouette to resonate with those seeking more minimalist forms and a more subtle outline than its sister luminaire.”  – Saleem Khattak



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The conical housing, fashioned from aircraft-grade machined aluminum in anodized finishes, conceals Archilume’s signature application of total internal reflection optics. The hidden LED technology produces a warm glow range from a full brightness of 3000 degrees Kelvin to a dimmable color temperature of 1800 degrees with 95 CRI. The lower portion of the Alto-Flat luminaire is a transparent acrylic lens with a frosted bottom, emitting a flattering, glare-free light.  As with the entire lighting line at Archilume, the Alto-Flat features a micro-canopy allowing it to be installed as a soloist or grouped to form a unique choral arrangement of light.

At Archilume, we encourage designers to play with light. For us, it begins in the studio. By changing an object’s delineation, we can change the design language to broaden the appeal of the Alto line to suit the unique decorative lighting needs of designers and their clients. “ – Saleem Khattak

Heading to ICFF in NYC on May 15-17th? Visit Archilume in booth #915 and

see the award-winning Ovolo in its live debut, the new Alto_Flat, and the full Archilume luminaire family.

About Archilume

Archilume is an international award-winning Canadian luminaire design studio. With industrial designer, Saleem Khattak at the helm, the studio focus is on forward-moving design - a creative process with an eye on designing future possibilities now. Archilume’s glare-free decorative luminaires are a revolution in the use of innovative lighting technologies and the application of the principle of total internal reflection optics in decorative LED lighting. The brand’s unassuming simplicity masks a design vision that transforms energy-efficient LED lighting into sleek, statement making luminaires. The Archilume lighting line is intended for illumination at counter and bar areas, or clustered in chandelier formations in hotel lobbies, entrances, lounges, and dining areas. The line is versatile offering unique, custom configurations for design teams and their clients.

Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, Archilume’s environmental commitment engages the use of smaller local production facilities to create an inherently energy-efficient product with a reduced carbon footprint. This business practice contributes to a healthy local economy with high standards of production quality.

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