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Trapeze Will Move You.

Trapeze is a true high wire act.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, May 17, 2021 — What if a standard product could look different every time you used it? This was the question that sent Archilume back to the drawing board. Invigorated and with renewed enthusiasm they found the answer. Trapeze.

The studio revisited a luminaire first launched in 2018. Balance consists of a pair of disc shapes suspended by twinned cables, one beneath the other, hung in perpendicular directions. The upper half of each disc is opaque machined aluminum while the lower half is an acrylic lens with a frosted edge emitting a glare-free warm tone. The design is a balanced composition that creates visual tension. Trapeze breathes new life into the Balance luminaire, giving the viewer a sense of perpetual motion. That same single disc shape suspended by twinned cables now has two independent micro canopy ceiling mounts. Simple and sleek. No longer serenely static, Trapeze is reminiscent of the kinetic energy ball sets we have on our desks. It draws inspiration from the dynamic movements of trapeze artists frozen in time. Trapeze offers an arresting sculptural accent in a beautiful adaptable luminaire. Archilume’s signature application of total internal reflection optics allows for Trapeze to emit a flattering warm light. Trapeze has very strong diagonal lines that when installed in arrays of linear, random, or radial configurations, creates an impactful luminaire installation. A true high wire act, Trapeze captivates and sparks the imagination encouraging designers to create their own dynamic and bespoke lighting installations.

“The metaphor behind the concept is a trapeze act in a circus, where you have dynamic acrobats stopped in still motion.” - Saleem Khattak

For more photos and videos of Archilume's Trapeze, please visit our NEWSROOM.

Archilume joins the conversation at CLOSEUP by ICFF + WantedDesign in a virtual broadcast from Manhattan later today. Saleem Khattak will be taking you behind-the-scenes of the Archilume studio and our design process and launching Ovolo, Trapeze and Configurate. Join us for a live session with William Hanley, editor-in-chief of Dwell, and look forward to answering your questions. Register here.

About Archilume Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, Archilume’s glare-free decorative luminaires are a revolution in the use of innovative lighting technologies. Archilume’s unassuming simplicity masks a design vision that transforms energy-efficient LED lighting into sleek, statement making luminaires. The Archilume lighting line is intended for illumination at counter and bar areas, or in clustered formations as chandeliers in hotel lobbies, entrances, lounges, and dining areas. The line is versatile and offers the option to order custom configurations.

Saleem Khattak is Archilume's owner and driving creative force. A graduate of Vancouver’s Emily Carr University, for more than twenty years he designed architectural lighting for notable brands and designed glass products for an industry icon before establishing his own studio. Both Saleem and the Archilume studio thrive on the design development of sleek luminaires.

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