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Karice Sparks It Up with Launch of New Shroom Light

Karice pulls out all the stops and exhibits four new lights at IDS Vancouver

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 20, 2016 — Vancouver, BC.    Karice Enterprises, Ltd. launches four new lights this week during IDS Vancouver.  They are inviting show attendees to enjoy Shrooms with them. Yes, the first of their new light fixtures is called Shroom. Inspired by an Alice In Wonderland theme, it inevitably evokes smiles as wide as those of the famous Cheshire cat. 

The light's design, however, is no laughing matter.  Influenced by an image of the story's glowing giant mushrooms, Shroom’s sleek core illuminates producing an ambient glow to the fins while a LED at its base provides functional down light. The new Shrooms will be featured at the IDS Vancouver central bar designed by local talent Kalu Interiors whose creativity promises to be a trip down the rabbit hole.

It doesn't end there! Karice will also be unveiling Fuse and Mini Fuse in their own booth at the city's largest design show this week. Fuse was inspired by the internal components of the Shroom light.

"We were playing around with the different components of Shroom and realized we had another light that we could design and develop. With a few modifications and new parts Fuse was born." - Maurice Dery 

This new fixture resembles an electrical fuse. Its beautiful ambient glow will provide functional down light.  The Mini Fuse is a modified version of its big brother. 

Their fourth new light has yet to be named! With all the hustle leading up to the show, Karice is leaving the name to the design community. Beginning tomorrow, the online Name That Light contest will introduce architects and designers to this new fixture. This unnamed beauty was borne of a component Karice owner, Maurice Dery, made to mount their Electron Tri Pendant. Fascinated with the smaller lights, his curiosity and design talent gave way to a beautiful new fixture.

We would be remiss if we ended this release without mentioning the new Karice booth. Standing an imposing 15 feet high with branches looming above the show aisles, an aluminum representation of Vancouver's hollow tree will serve as the Karice booth during the show. Look for an eagle and squirrel made of steel to adorn the tree. This labour of love took six months to design and build. The multi award-winning Electron Wall Sconce will be featured inside the tree while Fuse and Mini Fuse are hung from the branches. Attendees will also notice a few Little Buggers scattered about -  3-inch fireflies all aglow with Karice lighting technology. The team will be filming during installation today as they build their tree - the place Karice will call home for the next few days at IDS Vancouver.

Karice would like the show's attendees to know they're deeply rooted in lighting design. 

From the outset, Pollock’s work has focused on a desire to create and work with his hands. Today he has become an internationally recognized artist who produces art, furniture and sculpture. His materials of choice are concrete, steel and wood. At the heart of Pollock’s work is a profound commitment to detail, artistic exploration and the latent potential of materials. This is achieved through rational inquiry, spirit of curiosity and continued experimentation. The majority of his work is privately commissioned in British Columbia, Canada and typically rests in high-profile architectural homes.


Karice Enterprises Ltd.

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