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IN8 Design's Small Changes for Big Impact

IN8 Design's Small Changes for Big Impact

In8 Design Inc. Condo III

Photography by: Tom Arban


Dream renovation brings a new dynamic to small space.

FOR IMMEDIATE REELASE Thursday, August 11, 2022 - Toronto, ON   Galvanized by the residential renovation boom brought on by the pandemic, IN8 Design’s latest project mandate was to update a 700 square foot condo. 

It was now or never for the middle-aged owner with only a few remaining years of work before retiring. Renovating had been contemplated since purchasing a decade ago, but affordability prevented him from execution. Upgrading to another condo was also considered, but it proved more viable to stay, and complete what he had wanted to do from day one. The sight of construction bins in the nearby and coveted Rosedale neighbourhood inspired him to (finally!) bite the bullet.

“It became obvious during the pandemic that renovations are a solid alternative to purchasing new real estate. This way all (hard to financially digest) ancillary costs associated with the design and construction services could be put towards features owners have identified as a want.”  - Michel Arcand, Partner, IN8 Design Inc.

“It became obvious during the pandemic that renovations are a solid alternative to purchasing new real estate. This way all (hard to financially digest) ancillary costs associated with the design and construction services could be put towards features owners have identified as a want.”  - Michel Arcand, Partner, IN8 Design Inc.



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The condo is a typical open concept with the kitchen and living space animated by a 17-foot wall of window spanning both rooms. The galley kitchen cupboards, drawers, and appliance panels were replaced with brighter,  white laminate components and edged with white oak veneer (a detail that had been inserted during the original renovations for other millwork). The parts that could not be built in the millwork shop were painted on site.  IN8 Design’s signature pop of colour detail, in this case a vibrant teal, is applied to the range hood to accent the all-white kitchen.  A black goose-neck faucet and accessories add dramatic effect, while black rubber pulls, handles, and hinges carry the theme of black accents throughout the condo. The island, built out of recycled modular filing cabinets from Herman Miller, serves as additional storage and as threshold between the kitchen and living room.

“The owner has lived in his condo for nearly a decade. He decided to remain in the neighbourhood and in his space. The job was to refine the condo, providing the distinct environments he wanted to live with from day one.” -  Don Parker, Partner, IN8 Design Inc.

While the kitchen relied on salvaged parts, new bathroom cabinetry was installed allowing for more under-counter storage, taking advantage of unused floor space. The quartz vanity boasts a unique offset round sink allowing for greater use of counter space. IN8 Design proposed removing the bathtub in favour of a walk-in shower. The demolition led to an exciting discovery. The plumbing shaft wall, within the footprint of the stall was completely void, inspiring IN8 Design to quickly revise the drawings to extend the shower stall by a whopping 8”, creating a space 15% longer than the original bathtub footprint. A tiled portal was constructed to keep errant water spray within the screened, and doorless shower. Black plumbing fixtures compliment a grey glass shower screen. The stall also features a custom-made water-resistant teak floor mat lending a timeless, spa-like element to the room.

ABOUT IN8 Design Inc. 

IN8 Design brings to their clients an innate design sensibility, exceptional planning and management expertise, a sound understanding of budgetary requirements and a relentless attention to detail, all honed over more than 30 years of experience and industry recognition.

The firm specializes in interior design, management, and delivery of commercial and residential interiors, with emphasis on the integration of contemporary architecture, graphic design, furnishings, and fine art. They strongly believe that innovation arises from the meeting of many different minds. 

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Photography credit: Tom Arban


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