Let's go f'coffee

Not sure what PR is? Feel the need to pick the brain of a PR specialist before investing? Now is your chance! 

Meet us at your favourite café for 30 mins. and we'll share what we know to help you understand how engaging a PR team will boost your brand profile.

We mean it. We'll spill the beans!

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Is Your Firm Ready for PR?

Yes, yes it is. 
There are several processes you can put in place that will facilitate your brand's reach. Gather your team and spend an hour with ours to determine the best "next steps" for your business.

Interested? Contact us today.

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Do you have a marketing plan? Are you getting the most out of your marketing plan?

Do you have a sales funnel? Is your sales funnel full?

Don't worry. Our programs are custom built to suit your needs. Whether business development, marketing or public relations, we have a solution for you. 

Our mini-consults will help you hurdle the first steps towards prepping your team for on-boarding your public relations plan.